you should concentrate on finalizing this transaction rather than responding to negative thoughts22 December 2009

This junk email wiggled its way through Google's filtering, much to my delight. After reading it, I felt genuinely touched, as if Deborah was really worried for me, worried that I wouldn't claim my money.

Oh, Deborah, if I ever make it over to Benin to collect my fifteen thousand United States dollars, I'll give you a hug.

Email in full:

Fund Beneficiary,

Welcome to ECO BANK Money Gram money transfer Cotonou Benin Plc, Beneficiary! This is to notify you that we have concluded your payment through Money Gram.

Here is your 3payment MTCN of USD$15,000.00 united state dollars $5,000.00 each, First payment, MTCN 212-314-53 (2) 805-217-78 (3) 968-584-30 and we will give you the sender name to pick up this money immediately you send the activation remittance permit fee which is $188.00 dollars to the name below.

Receiver Name == Augustine Okolo
Address: .... Benin / City Continuo
Test Q............What?
Ans .................Payment.
Amount $188.00

Kindly send the activated remittance permit fee with the given infor...and call for sender name on +22 998 377 738 Urgent, The grace given to you, is a previledge, not a right, therefore it must not be abused. When i imagine the magnitude of your compensation funds left in our possession,it pains me to see that you are yet to get your transfered.

You should count yourself extremely luck for the fortune that has come your way today . It is one in a life time fortune and you should concentrate on finalizing this transaction rather than responding to negative thoughts.

As a friend, i will not like you to loose this chance which has come up today because not every body in this life has this great chance that has come your way including me.Act fast in remitting the fee and let us finalize this transaction which has already stayed longer than expected. I await your swift response, comply and details

Sir. M. Deborah Utecht

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