This is not Tanzania! This is Tanzania, Land of Kilimanjaro!31 March 2009

The title of this post comes from Bakiri, our very animated, very lovable partner at the Institute of Accountancy. I argued that it should not be "land of Kilimanjaro," but rather "land of Bakiri," but his modesty, for once, was too much.

Quick updates:

  • Most bizarre item I've seen strapped on a bicycle rack: a lawn mower. The rider looked a bit unsteady navigating the speed bumps on Njiro road, but he never lost his balance, and drivers, surprisingly, gave him wide berth. Runners up for the award are: a tower of six suitcases that dwarfed the rider, and a large computer printer.
  • Fring has been indispensable in keeping in touch, as it usually much easier to carry the iPhone than the laptop and find a WiFi connection. Now that Skype is available for iPhone, however, I think I'll switch, assuming I can ever finish downloading the app.
  • I made arrangements today with a colleague at IAA to visit his uncle's coffee farm outside Arusha. I'm unbelievable excited for this, possibly more excited than I am to see Zanzibar. His uncle is on the Tanzania Coffee Board, so you know it's legit. Expect me to come back with 50kg sacks of coffee.

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