[scene]16 September 2011

Today is my last day with IBM Interactive. After six years, I'm moving on.

Working for IBM has been a tremendous experience. Fresh out of college in 2005, I had little idea what I was signing up for. My first task was rather menial: packing the office for its move across town. Immediately after that, Katrina hit and I was tasked with building a quick-and-dirty job search engine to help displaced workers. It was that project that revealed to me the scope and reach of IBM's influence. No longer was I hacking on dorm room projects; now I was building sites that ended up featured on cable news broadcasts.

In the years that followed, I had the great fortune and privilege to work on a variety of projects supported by IBM's corporate citizenship group: designing and building the platform that powers the SME Toolkit, a partnership with the International Finance Group and the World Bank; rebuilding the online presence of the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia; and building tools for American Corporate Partners to help our nation's veterans.

By far the most exciting experience I had at IBM was the Corporate Service Corps, a 4 week leadership development program in Arusha, Tanzania. Paired with 7 other IBMers, we assisted local NGO and a college with various projects. This was unlike anything I have done: no programming, no Internet. Every day was a new challenge, a new surprise, and we did our best to help our partners with whatever they could throw at us.

What's next? I'm joining the Obama for America re-election campaign. It'll be fun.

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