Introducing Louie31 October 2011

Say hello to Louie, the pooch Melissa and I adopted from a local canine rescue. Louie's a energetic little guy who's been through a lot. From what we know, he appears to be part beagle, part pug dachshund ( a"puggle doxle") and is about 1.5 years old. He came into Chicago Animal Control as a stray, and folks seem to think he was hit by a car. Chicago Canine Rescue saved the lil' guy, paid for hip surgery, and put him into a foster home. After some training, he was listed on where Melissa instantly fell in love. He is settling in nicely.

Artwork by Sergio26 October 2011

Melissa surprised me for my birthday with a commissioned painting of my family's dear pet bird Gordie (previously).

The talented artist responsible for this is our friend Sergio Quiñones, who has an Etsy shop full of his original work. His attention to detail and ability to conjure emotion and character in his paintings is masterful.

Sergio is also a big fan of Rufus, and surprised Melissa and I with this painting of the little guy.

Thank you so much, Melissa and Sergio. These are fantastic pieces of art.

[scene]16 September 2011

Today is my last day with IBM Interactive. After six years, I'm moving on.

Working for IBM has been a tremendous experience. Fresh out of college in 2005, I had little idea what I was signing up for. My first task was rather menial: packing the office for its move across town. Immediately after that, Katrina hit and I was tasked with building a quick-and-dirty job search engine to help displaced workers. It was that project that revealed to me the scope and reach of IBM's influence. No longer was I hacking on dorm room projects; now I was building sites that ended up featured on cable news broadcasts.

In the years that followed, I had the great fortune and privilege to work on a variety of projects supported by IBM's corporate citizenship group: designing and building the platform that powers the SME Toolkit, a partnership with the International Finance Group and the World Bank; rebuilding the online presence of the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia; and building tools for American Corporate Partners to help our nation's veterans.

By far the most exciting experience I had at IBM was the Corporate Service Corps, a 4 week leadership development program in Arusha, Tanzania. Paired with 7 other IBMers, we assisted local NGO and a college with various projects. This was unlike anything I have done: no programming, no Internet. Every day was a new challenge, a new surprise, and we did our best to help our partners with whatever they could throw at us.

What's next? I'm joining the Obama for America re-election campaign. It'll be fun.

Goodbye, Rufus.22 August 2011

Rufus lost his battle with lymphoma this morning. Words cannot begin to express how much Melissa and I miss him now.

To everyone that was a friend of Rufus, everyone who watched him for a weekend, let him lick your face, or found all 60 pounds of him suddenly sitting in your lap, thank you for helping give him a wonderful life.

Goodbye, little guy. We miss you, we love you.


Iberian Adventure06 March 2011

Melissa and I recently returned from a 9 day jaunt through Spain, with stops in Barcelona, Seville, and Tarragona.

See all photos here.