Is now for the first time Dalí born.14 June 2010

Senior year of high school my friends and I recreated this video for our final project in Spanish class. We weren't quite sure what was going on in the video then, and to this day I'm still not very certain. In our low-budget remake, we jumped out of a cardboard box and sprayed milk all over my parents' backyard. The neighbors, I can only imagine, were dumbfounded.

I present to you, as a service to Google and befuddled viewers, a transcription of the video, unedited:

Bonjour, Good Morning

Is now for the first time

Dalí born

with any kind of traumatism

A little blood,

symbolic blood

And milk,

again milk of today born

and some symbolic fish

of Mediterranean people

This is the blood of Gala ...

...and the blood of the Divine Dalí


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