Handling Nested CDATA With Builder21 September 2010

As noted by our associates at Atomic Object, XML doesn't allow for nested<![CDATA[…]]> elements. In the course of rewriting some pieces of code, I developed the following Builder workaround to allow our application to export valid XML by breaking the nested CDATA elements into distinct chunks. When read back in via our Nokogiri-based parser, it concatenates the values automagically, and the end result is clean, valid XML. Fix code:
module Builder
  class XmlMarkup < XmlBase

    def cdata_with_escaping!(text)
      if text =~ /(\]\]>)/
        text.gsub!(/(\]\]>)/, "]]>")
    alias_method_chain 'cdata!', 'escaping'


Sample output:

>> xml = Builder::XmlMarkup.new(str)
>> xml.cdata!("> xml.target!
=> ""  # valid XML!
>> xml.cdata_without_escaping!("Foo bar sna")
>> xml.target!
=> "" # invalid XML!

Sample parsing with Nokogiri:

>> doc = Nokogiri::XML("")
=> #]>]>
>> doc.css('baz').first.content
=> "Foo bar sna"

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