Dee Eye Why30 December 2010

Stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. Since Melissa and I started living together, we've struggled to merge our respective collections of stuff, those little trinkets and knick-knacks that seemed so cool at first, but then just sit on a little shelf or cupboard and collect dust. We've done an all right job so far, but there's always more to be done.

One day, while studiously avoiding real work clicking through Apartment Therapy, I ran across a neat post on a blog called the Brick House. It detailed their DIY shelving unit project, and I was hooked.

In our apartment there was a very large, very empty wall.

And now it is no longer empty:

A few trips to Home Depot, a lot of 1/2" pipes, fittings, wood stain, and spray paint later we had a nice set of shelves on the wall. It's rock solid and hasn't fallen down, yet. That is my humble measure of success.

It was immensely fun for me to work on this project. I tweeted while in-progress that there's something really enjoyable about building an actual physical structure. I spend so many hours every day tapping away at a keyboard building digital things that getting covered in pipe grease and stinking of paint thinner and sawdust is a welcome respite.

Santa was nice to me this Christmas and brought a new set of power tools. I haven't the faintest idea what I'll do with a reciprocating saw living in a rental, but I'll be pleasantly surprised when I finally figure it out.

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