Countdown08 April 2009


Hard to believe that my time here in Arusha is almost complete. Today is the last day of real work; tomorrow is dedicated to presentations, handshakes (the cornerstone of Tanzanian business dealings), and goodbyes. Friday is a national holiday. The team leaves on Saturday at various times to go back to their homelands. I'm staying in Arusha for the weekend to visit Mangola, a local village near Karatu, and tour a friend's uncle's coffee plantation. Next week I'll head to Zanzibar for a few days, then it's back to the States on Thursday, with a pit-stop in London.

I'm happy with what we've been able to achieve as a team here, and I'm very happy with what I was able to accomplish by myself. It'll be tough not having our daily team dinners and card sessions, or to hear Bakiri's piercing laugh, or almost being blindsided by a speeding dala dala, but I think we'll manage.

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