Coffee bitters12 May 2013

In anticipation of an upcoming "Stock the Bar" party, I made a batch of coffee bitters to give as gifts. Thankfully there was enough left over to keep some for myself.

I followed the recipe outlined at Liquidity Preference with a few variations. I was unable to find whole orris root. Spice House, a delightful spice shop here in Chicago, only had powdered orris root. I used a small amount of the powder wrapped in a coffee filter, which seemed to work fine. The orris root from Spice House was labeled "not for consumption" but cursory Googling showed it used in enough consumables that I am not concerned. I also removed the orange peel after a few days, instead of letting it steep for all seven days. A previous batch I made came out far too orange-flavored, to the point of masking most of the coffee flavors.

The bitters work well with a classic Old Fashioned or Manhattan, and I'm eager to try them with a rum Old Fashioned.

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