#codingforward20 January 2013

Coding Forward Chicago

Earlier this month I was fortunate to be a part of New Relic's Coding Forward events. New Relic, makers of an amazing application performance monitoring tool, kindly sponsored a road trip of OFA Technology team members: Jason Kunesh, Ryan Kolak, Nick Leeper, Scott Van Den Plas, and myself.

We had a great time traveling to New York, San Francisco, and here at home in Chicago. We shared some behind-the-scenes stories from our time on the Obama for America Technology team.

Event attendees were very enthusiastic and appear to have had a great time. Here's a roundup of some reactions and press:

Current TV: "Obama tech team talks winning, disrupting and sticking to basics"

Slashdot: "The Billion-Dollar Startup: Inside Obama’s Campaign Tech"

Constantin Basturea's Storify: "Coding Forward New York | January 8, 2013"

SF Bay Guardian: "Machine Politics"

Harish Chakravarthy's Storify: "Obama for America tech team in SF"

Software Development Times: "DevOps were the difference on the campaign trail"

Douglas Lee Miller's Blog: "Notes from the #codingforward Q/A with the Obama 2012 Tech Team"

Thank you to everyone who came out! I hope you enjoyed our stories.

Want to talk about this a bit more? Send a tweet to @cgansen or email me at cgansen@gmail.com.