Assembling Coil06 July 2009

A few weeks ago, John and I dropped by to see our friend Craig exhibiting at the Guerrilla Truck Show in Chicago's West Loop area. In spite of the pouring rain, we had a great time seeing the exhibits, and I walked away the proud owner of one of Craig's recent designs, the Coil Lamp. After a few weeks of ignoring it, as I was busy moving into a (totally awesome) new apartment in Pilsen, I finally found a few free minutes to assemble it.

Starting off, I gather the necessary items: lamp with signed dedication, 100' extension cord, CFL bulb OMG DO NOT USE A INCANDESCENT BULB (the instructions clarified that no fewer than three times), and a beer. My suggested pairing for assembling Coil: Goose Island Summertime. The crisp finish accentuates the sharp, precise laser cut of the clear acrylic form of Coil, and they're both made here in Chicago.

The instructions are detailed and nicely illustrated.

Unravelled cord

My only mistake was not taking enough time to straighten out the coiled cord, which was pretty gnarled up, which caused me to have a bit of trouble getting a really smooth, even "coil" on the form.

Beginning to take form First few spins Flipped per instructions

Notice as the beer is slowly drained, the sign of real progress on any project.

There you have it, an assembled Coil Lamp. At this moment, it is sitting in the window, casting a cool, fluorescent glow on the streets of Pilsen. More photos of the experience are online over at Flickr.

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