A place to lay your head18 March 2009

While in Arusha I am staying at the Outpost Lodge. It's small compound of guesthouses with a swimming pool, decent restaurant, and a well-stocked bar. Most importantly, it's got wifi covering the public grounds. Three days in I've established a nice routine where I'll return from work at IAA, unload my pack in my room, and grab a beer by the pool. Suddenly Tanzania doesn't seem so foreign and rough after all.

the room

The room itself is decently appointed. The bed is soft, but smells incredibly musty, a byproduct of hot, humid days in the rainy season. The water is hot when it has to be, and the toilet works with minimal fuss. There's a nice porch out front, incidentally that is where I sit typing this, which makes for a nice place to sit out the afternoon rainstorms.


The restaurant and café are unremarkable, but reliable. I've sample all varieties of nyama choma they offer: goat, lamb, and beef. I was hoping for more local fare, but it's solidly Western in its focus. Tonight we're heading out as a team to dinner for the first time. It is certain to be an interesting experience.


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